Recently we’ve seen some television commercials that say that their product is “exclusively” the only one to protect against this type of threat. They mentioned that Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec, Norton, all cannot protect against this type of virus/malware. This is simply untrue.

Of course it’s made to sound very scary because this virus holds your files and documents and pictures for ransom. Once infected with the virus, your files will become encrypted and will no longer be accessible by you until you pay the ransom. This is the only truth.


The news media would have you believe that there is no protection and that you are doomed. There is great evil in the world, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Your hard drive may even explode. Take cover, but call the news station first, we’ll send a crew..…”

“STOP THE INSANITY”, .. whew I said it..

We install and recommend to all our customers, AVIRA Anti-Virus.

All Avira products detect and prevent this malware from running. (called TR/Fraud.Gen2)

Please folks, don’t fall for those fancy television ads that claim they’re the only ones that can help.

If your computer system has been receiving regular updates from AVIRA and Microsoft, you will be protected.

We can help if you need us, let us make sure your machine is updated and ready for this type of threat.  1-631-675-1080 8am-8pm everyday.