What is Remote Support?

Remote support is a unique service that allows us to troubleshoot problems right on your computer. Its Fast!

We can connect to your computer over the Internet and link our computer systems to yours and analyze and repair a host of problems that you would normally have to bring your computer into a repair shop to have fixed.

Don’t travel with your machine! They always get hurt when traveling. Get your computer fixed right away.

What can Remote Support do?

We can:

  • Eliminate Spyware/Malware
  • Remove viruses
  • Tune up system & program options & settings
  • Upgrade your software & install patches from software vendors’
  • Remote Technical Support of your system
  • Setup & configure Internet connections/Wifi connections/eMail
  • Install Printers
  • Install new USB devices (Hard Drives/Scanners/Printers/Modems/WebCams)
  • Update your virus software
  • Too much to list here!


Some questions you have are:

How secure is this?

All sessions are encrypted so that any data that is transmitted between the operator/technician and your computer is secured from prying eyes.

What software is needed?

The remote control software is web based and uses HTTP/SSL encryption to make the connections. Similar to any secured banking transactions over the Internet.

How do I get rid of you?

Its on-demand. That means that it doesn’t  have to STAY installed on your machine. When the support issue is corrected, you have the option of DE-INSTALLING the remote control software in ONE click.

There is NO configuration required to make this work. It works thru firewalls, hubs, routers, cable modems.

The only requirement is that you can get onto the Internet, surf to our site and click on the ACTIVATE button. If you can do that, we can connect to your machine and start fixing your problems right away.

YOU are ALWAYS IN CONTROL. You can terminate the session at any time.