How fast is this service?

That depends on lots of variables. Your machine speed, your internet connection & many other factors. Most sessions last between 15-30 minutes and have a follow up session in about a week to make sure that the fixes are still in place and that no other problems have arisen since the initial repairs were done.


By far the most requested service is SPYWARE removal. In fact many people don’t even know their computer is infected by SPYWARE until the machine gets slower, or doesn’t startup at all. Maybe it’s acting strange, or slowly, or pop-ups are occurring that you’ve never seen before. Some machines exhibit a Hard Drive Seek slowdown, meaning that the SPYWARE or virus is scanning your hard drive while you are working and SLOWING your own work down.

How about getting a new computer?

Another frequent request is the move or migration of files, documents, photos and the software or hardware from an older machine to a new one. Many software programs don’t always move from one machine to another smoothly by just copying them over because of hardware or software incompatibilities.

Some people get a real awakening when they purchase a new computer and keep their older printer only to find out that it doesn’t work because the newer computer doesn’t have the necessary manufacturer’s updates to make it work out of the box.

Windows 7 Upgrade – no such thing

My advice, get a new machine. Look for one with 64-Bit, a quad/dual core processor, 4GB RAM at least and Windows 7.  Many of the computers in use today are not capable of running Windows 7 because they are 32-bit machines. A NEW 64-bit machine with Windows 7 is what you should be looking at.  If you plan on upgrading from a version of XP or from VISTA, there are many considerations. Please let us help. There are programs you can run to tell you if your current machine can run Win7.

New Software/Hardware Installations or upgrades

Did you know that many (not all) printers, video cards, laptops, desktops, Smart phones all can have their HARDWARE programs upgraded?

Hardware manufacturers release updates just like software vendors do to make their machines run better/faster or even FIX BUGS that came from the original manufacture of the machine.

Many people don’t know that HARDWARE can be UPGRADED with software! Let us help you upgrade/update your system to the latest manufacturers recommended levels and get your system running at its optimum.

We can also provide you help with installing new software programs or just an upgrade or update to existing software programs.

Home Wireless Network Security

PLEASE let us secure your home wireless network.

Most people are so happy to ‘just get the computer connected & surf the net wirelessly’ to their home network they never go back and secure it. There are too many people out there listening to what your computer (and you) have to say. Why let them? Allow us to talk you through even the most basic security for your home network and you won’t be disappointed.


Data Recovery

Should I backup my data and how do I do it? Why should I do it?

One of the services we provide is DATA recovery. Many times people accidentally or purposefully ‘erase or delete’ important information. We can help you recover lost or deleted files on your computer, camera card, sim card, xD, SD, Flash, USB memory stick, etc. The sooner we are contacted the better chances that we can recover your data. Some of these services are ‘billed per session’. Others are ‘payable on recovery of data’. As data recovery and forensics is a specialty, some of the services may be billable.